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Bolzano Artisan MeatsBolzano Artisan Meats is the first company in Wisconsin to bring back the lost art of dry curing, and one of the only in the nation to make products from locally raised heirloom hogs. Read more


Our Handrafted Salamis

We start with heirloom pork, raised the right way without hormones or antibiotics, and every link is handmade by us, right here in Milwaukee. The long curing and drying time means our products loose about 30% of their original weight, resulting in very dense, complex, yet delicate flavors.

Our salamis are actually fermented - the traditional way - so they have all the complexities of beer and wine, and other great intense foods. Buy locally or purchase online


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Bolzano Charcuterie School & Classes

Please visit our Events page for more information

Whole Hog Butchering Classes

Thinking about getting your own whole or half hog from a farmer someday but just overwhelmed with so much pig? Or maybe you're a big foodie and curious about exactly where all the wonderful cuts of pork come from?

This unique class will be a chance to come to our facility and follow along as Scott Buer and the class turn a whole pasture-raised heirloom hog into finished cuts ready for the table. Plenty of hands-on cutting time in involved for anyone interested.

And where does all the pork go at the end of class? Home with the students, naturally!

For dates and registration please visit our events calendar.


Charcuterie School On-The-Go

Find out the delicious details about what salami really is, why it's so delicious, and why it's great for small farms and heirloom pork. Scott and Christin, owners and creators of Bolzano Artisan Meats, share their love of food and interweave history, science, and great storytelling for a unique event you won't soon forget.

But it's not just learning - you'll be eating your way through generous guided tastings of their handcrafted salamis.

For dates and registration please visit our events calendar.

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